It’s all about the light..

Illuminated wall panels, light sculptures, drilled light boxes, light art… there are many ways to describe this unique work. By hand-drilling thousands of small holes through sheet aluminium or wood, the light source behind is allowed to shine.  By altering the size, spacing and angle of the drilling, subtle shading and variation is applied to create the piece.

When the drilling is done the panel is cleaned and a finish is usually applied. The finish can be anything from burning and waxing, painting, lacquering or liquid metal coatings such as Verometal.

The completed work then needs its light source, usually LED strips or light sheet which are perfect for backlighting. The light shines through the holes illuminating the drilled areas and casting solid areas into shadow.

spring trees in bronze
spring trees in bronze (section)

 Light, shade and darkness. 

“My work is a voyage of discovery. I work at the point where art and design, man and machine meet. Intense drilling as an artistic technique is, as far as I am aware, a unique or at least extremely rare method of creativity.”

Drillworks are one offs, handmade and unrepeatable.