I have just finished this piece entitled ‘Wild Oceans’

The work was commissioned for the new head office of UK law firm Birketts in Ipswich, Suffolk. A real pleasure to do and very pleased with the results!





Starting work on a new series thinking about creation from nothingness and back to nothing.. In between, creativity must flourish. Panels 1-3 complete.

Working in ACM in various shades of brushed aluminium finish, this series explore the creative process from the beginning. Each piece in a 750mm square with a 650mm diameter circular drilled area and is backlit using a warm white LED panel. All drilling is done here with a 1mm bit keeping a uniform texture.

I have approached this with a question of where does the creativity begin? The starting position is one of no particular construct, only technique. Thus the first complete circle is drilled following no design, having no particular form at all. Next comes the introduction of  the artist’s self … making something happen, the emergence of  form but random, unguided. At what point does the ego of the artist begin to inspire form? Natural random flow can go on forever, but my role as the creator urges me to influence the outcome, for better or for worse..








Just completed is this piece, a seascape taken from an image provided by the client for his yacht. 2700k warm white light panel is used to provide a rich, bright light and allow the piece to be very slim in profile, only 20mm total depth. Drilling is angled left and right giving variation between sea and sky.




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