‘Flow 5’

122cm x 122cm.  4mm Aluminium/Led’s/1.5mm drilling. 2020


This work continues the exploration into simplifying the artistic process of Drillwork and a focus on a minimalist approach with the aim of capturing the inherent natural beauty of light above and beyond shape or form intended by the artist. Using a small 1.5mm bit, movement and texture become paramount within the circle, the waves and ripples of the drilling process and the slight change of angle give the subtle yet strong variations in light, shade and movement observable by the viewer.

flow 5 room


‘The Flowering Of Technology’

This work begins from a 2d grid plotted on the board following the Fibonacci sequence. The grid is drawn in centimetre spacing, from 1cm. So, 1,1,2,3,5,8 and again at 90 degrees.
I see the grid as a sort of trellis for growth to occur on, eventually ascending to the heights of a geometric ‘flower’ which can be seen as an achievement as it is recognisable as a ‘flower’ and yet, compared to a natural bloom, is 2 dimensional and flat. I wanted to express a feeling of inadequacy, the sense that, whatever the achievements of human technology and the striving to master the world around us, nature is already perfect and to attempt to replicate or recreate is futile and could even be seen as ‘missing the point’ entirely.
1mm drillwork in ACM board backlit using a warm white 600mm x 600mm LED light panel.

‘From Nothing To Something’

 A new series for 2019, The slightest angling or movement of the drillbit will change the light which the viewer sees. Using this allows shading to be used to define something, form, variation or object. This trio of panels begin to follow a path ‘from nothing to something’

1mm drillwork in ACM board backlit using 12v warm white LED’s.

Just completed is this piece, a seascape taken from an image provided by the client for his yacht. 2700k warm white light panel is used to provide a rich, bright light and allow the piece to be very slim in profile, only 20mm total depth. Drilling is angled left and right giving variation between sea and sky.





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