The works below are all created using the Fibonacci sequence in one way or another as a basis to begin the design. The results were varied and sometimes astonishing to me. By sticking to the rules of the sequence pattern, letting it dictate the outcome to some extent, design created itself.

Recent work has involved less obvious use of the sequence, plotting grid patterns loosely following the rules but deliberately veering off to embrace organic flow when it feels right to do so. See  ‘Flowering of Technology’ and ‘Fish Goddess Recycling The Earth’ below.

‘Fibonacci’ Twin plumes of abstract matter spiral from a central point into the foreground. Small size drilling depicts the outlines of the solids whilst areas of larger holes add contrast in the background. Private collection.

Geometry III (section). Although not so obvious as a spiral, this intricate geometry piece is designed using Fibonacci numbers. The foundations of the design are concentric circles drawn on the board radiating out from the centre. The radius of the circles follow the sequence 1,1,2,3,5,8 etc.


‘Untitled’ A 1.2m square panel based upon the grids drawn in preparation to create spirals. Instead of continuing to create the spirals, I have emphasised the grids themselves and played upon their design. The shading is created by different angles being applied to the drilling which gives the 3 dimensional effect.

ORBs (untitled) . By drawing two overlapping spiral grids and exchanging the squares created for circles, this orbital piece began to take shape. The variation in brightness is from angled drilling.
ORBs (untitled)

3 thoughts on “Inspired by Fibonacci Numbers

  1. I have so enjoyed looking at your work, having never seen anything of this type before. I stumbled upon this site whilst looking for examples of Fibonacci numbers being used in modern art and design. My one disappointment is that you have not allowed the photo of the drilling being done to be ‘pinned’ on Pinterest! Would you please reconsider?

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