A short history of Drillwork. 


I became interested in light and making lamps around 1997. I had been inspired to make lamps and screens during my travels and proceeded to experiment with various materials and develop designs such as..




In 1999 I began to experiment drilling patterns into plywood, MDF and any other materials I happened to have lying around the workshop and backlighting them to observe the effects produced eventually creating the first complete Drillworks panels such as..

Walnut tree


This led to something of an obsession with drilling and now in 2017, I have drilled millions of little holes for dozens of projects and pieces of work around the world.

Drillwork is an experimental technical art constantly in development, I have not yet come across another drill artist and therefore every piece of work is a step along an exclusive evolutionary path for me.

The links below contain some background to the development of drillwork.