I am sure that there is an instinctive and very deep love in most people for trees.

They are beacons of incredible power and beauty of the natural world and, even in the most urban landscape, there will be a tree somewhere close by to remind us of the true nature of our planet when we choose to see it.

The enduring almost magical appeal of trees has no doubt helped in making them the most requested works.


oak print1
Winter Oak. 2004. Private collection

Below are some examples of Treescape drillworks of all shapes and sizes which have been commissioned over the years.

‘Twin Oaks’ From a photograph taken of a pair of young Oaks growing entwined near my home. This work is completely drilled using a 0.95mm drillbit. The spring foliage of the tree is the only area left solid, waves of holes follow the outline of the tree to create the sky. The moon, barley field and trunk are all drilled at varying angles. Private collection

Treescape panels conjure up visions of the sun through trees, the stark contrast of low winter sun and branches. The Suffolk countryside in the UK has been home to me for most of my life and Oak trees on the skyline are familiar friends.

‘Walnut tree’ 2002. The first treescape, through the winter branches of the tree in the garden. 1.5mm drilling. Private collection



Treescape 2012. Private collection


Treescape 2004. Private collection



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