‘Genesis II-Unknown’

This work 150cm x 60cm, is built upon a starting plan of an isometric grid plotted onto the board. This grid is the foundation framework from which a world can begin to appear. Using the grid as reference, imagination is allowed to take shape and a design occurs almost spontaneously. A meditative construct which flows point to point.. or star to star.

Captured in a 1mm and 1.5mm drill. LED backlit and black satin lacquered.



‘Genesis 1- The Matador’ 

122cm x 95cm . Various drilling 1mm-3mm in ACM board.

Lines extrapolating from several points radiate and overlap to form a random grid framework where the inevitable flow of life takes hold to conjure form and shape at it’s own behest.

Genesis 1-The Matador.DSC_0475


‘Visions of Omnipolarity’

122cm x 95cm. 3mm ACM, LED’S. 2016.

Self Portrait.  2004.

122cm x 122cm. 6mm MDF, walnut lacquered. Various sized drilling-angled L&R.

A dive into the structural world of repeated overlapping spiral construction. Four spirals are built on top of each other from the centre, radiating arms of light and shade emphasized by drilling at defined angles from both left and right, the spiral arms appear and disappear as the viewer moves before the piece.

‘Sardinia’ 2014

122cm x 60cm . 1mm drilling, various angles. 3mm ACM board, translucent blue lacquer.

A vision of a beautiful seascape, polarized, electrified, ribbons of light energy crisscross the sky..


‘Origin’ 2015.

122cm x 122cm. Mostly 1mm drilling with some 2mm.

The drilling fills the background in waves of randomness and signs of attempted structure from which ribbons of solidity appear to embrace the newly formed spheres.


ORIGIN (zoom) 300dpi

‘Genesis III’ 

800mm x 550mm. 1mm drilling @ various angles

4mm MDF, Liquid copper finished.

The tumultuous workings of life, but there is order hidden in the stars… One of the recent pieces focussing on the left / right brain: order and chaos, yin yang…from a carefully plotted isometric grid, some of which is allowed to remain, organic form can flow to fill the structure.


‘State Of Mind 2001’ (Below)

Made in 2002, this work reflects the turmoil of the months after the traumatic events of that year. Private collection.



som close left