Concept – Unknown 3.

Third in the yet unnamed series exploring balance/equilibrium, the difficulty of achieving harmony, finding a perfect balance in life. There is always some disruption or focus pulling one way or another but somewhere there is place or moment of perfection where all is one..

Early work- Slick.


‘Slick’ 2003.

Another branch of development starts to grow. I began to experiment in organic abstract designs focussing on leaving solid foreground and light pattern filled background . The waves and ripples of drilled lines and contrast between the hole sizes gave pattern and depth to the work.

Compact fluorescent lights were available which could be linked together around the back edges of the work, many of these early works has to be designed with that in mind and had to allow space for heat to dissipate, and wide border areas to hide the lighting.


slick print1
slick zoom
Slick 1

Early work- Protection / Amy.

Also in 2002 I spent some time attempting to capture recognisable form.

These were the first examples, and with both of these works I discovered how the light gave a life to the drillwork, in a dark room the figures seem to float like formed of stardust.


‘Protection’ 2001-2. 

Protection was inspired by  a trip to Indonesia, some of the stone statues there exuded great spirit and felt almost alive in amongst the tropical foliage.



‘Amy’ 2002.

50cm x 40cm, 1mm drilling, black lacquered 4mm mdf. compact fluorescent bulb.


This work was the first where I attempted to capture fine detail of the facial features with a small drill. As the work was also small, I had to use a compact low energy light bulb for illumination.


‘Amy’ 2002. 

Early work- Windows.

Before I even owned a PC!

Windows is a step up in scale, 1200mm x around 800mm, on this piece I experimented with drill sizes specifically. There is a repeated design in this work, each ‘window’ overlapping the larger one and using a smaller drill bit each time. Still using angular, geometric ideas.

I used a light rope slung behind to provide the illumination, there was little choice at that time with regard to compact lighting, a lightrope didn’t get too hot and was long enough to provide light behind the whole area.

Last seen somewhere in America..

‘Windows’ 2002

Early works- Shards/Vertical Intrusion/Cityscape II.

These works from 2002-3 were created in a similar vein culminating in ‘Cityscape II’ commissioned in 2003.

miles city1
Cityscape II (a)  900mm x 600mm. 2002.
Cityscape II
Cityscape II (b)

This piece was inspired by the works Shards and Vertical Intrusion, both a similar style of angular design and also drilling. Cityscape II has a large amount of angled drilling from left and right, at various increments, which creates a rich sense of movement as the viewer moves before the work.

shards print 3
‘Shards’ 2002.
vert int 3
‘Vertical Intrusion’



Early work- Walnut Tree

Walnut tree

‘Walnut Tree’  2001.  900 x 600mm.

Medium: MDF, Lacquer, 1.5mm drilling.

This work was one of the first ‘finished’ wall hung Drillworks made. I felt that this piece was the first I had completed to my satisfaction, in design, drilling and finish.

I wanted to capture the gnarly winter branches of the Walnut in stark relief and give a sense of night and a little depth with the ‘moon’.