Into the light..Prismatic distortion.

A pyramid prism sits on a Drillwork panel..



Laying out new work, starting with grids based around Fibonacci numbers and working from there.



Whipping up a storm!

Nearly finished drilling for this latest commission, loving it..

Stormy seas1.jpgIMG_20180201_103337043.jpg

Into The Woods..


There is no doubt that light filtering through the leaves and branches of a tree can be one of the most beautiful sights nature provides!

Here the stark contrast of winter trees serves as a starting point for the creation of this graphic work.

room1 treescape

In A Perfect World…

I would install ‘Geometry III’ here and contemplate the meaning of universal life by the fire as the sun goes down.

Geometry III

Neutron stars collide…

Following on from the amazing observation of the collision of two neutron stars #ligo , maybe it is time to think about another space themed Drillwork to follow on from Monocerotis light echo v838…

Monocerotis light echo v838
Monocerotis light echo v838

Mountains- light and mist.

Over the years I have been asked to make several works where mountain landscapes are the theme. The challenge is to capture maximum detail from an often barren scene and to give a sense of perspective and depth.