By our very nature we are imperfect creatures.

Two holes collide…

When looking at a work which may have involved drilling 500,000 to 1,000,000 little holes and shining light through them, every tiny variation and imperfection becomes visible. Of course, the work is asking for close inspection!

It is interesting how the tiniest little discrepancy can irritate certain characters, how the need to be satisfied with a level of perceived perfection seems critical for some.

Others see a bigger picture, a holistic overall view, a big impression, sometimes even to the extent of not even realizing how the work has been created in the first place, some guesses include: a projected image, paint dots, brass pins, beaten metal, etc… Macro and micro, left and right brain?

Somewhere between these two extremes is where I work, striving for micro perfection to create macro achievement, always aware that I’m a mere mortal and two holes(or even three) will sometimes collide in glorious Wabi Sabi!

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